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Vision and Mission


Strong and effective civil society leadership exercised for a sustainable, just, compassionate and peaceful Pacific community.

Mission Statement

PIANGO is the regional coalition providing a unified CSO platform for national umbrella NGOs. It strives for an enabling environment through networking, partnerships, leadership development, evidence based policy advocacy, communication and facilitating of common voice on issues at regional and international forums. This fosters recognition of the critical role of CSOs to influence positive sustainable change for development effectivenss in the communities they serve.

Areas of Strategic Focus

Four main strategic focus areas will guide PIANGO towards achieving this vision:

  1. Strengthening CSO Platform in the Pacific
  2. Development Effectiveness
  3. Evidence -based Policy Advocacy
  4. Pacific Development Leadership

Programme Objectives

PIANGO achieves its mission by carrying out the following objectives while abiding by its principles:

Objective 1.1 : Institutional strengthening PIANGO Secretariat, Governance & Management

    • Financial strengthening for operation of the Secretariat and management of programs.
    • Policies and processes to cover all aspect Governance and Management.
    • A Facilitative working environment.
    • Monitoring & Evaluation.

Objective 2.1 : Strengthening CSO Accountability processes

    • Code.
    • Space for CSO participation and partnership on developmental dialogue.

Objective 3.1 : Building the body of evidence around issues to influence policy

    • Strengthen NLU to identify priority policy issues at National level.

Objective 3.2 : Enhanced the translation of policy into local and regional context

    • Strenthened local and regional expertise.

Objective 3.3 : CSOs' capacity on policy engagement and advocacy enhanced

    • Strengthened CSO capacity on policy engagement and advocacy.

Objective 4.1 : Enhanced the 'Talanoa' Concept on Developmental leadership in the Pacific

    • Establish a CSO eminent leaders coalitionto expand spaces for civil society engagement.

Objective 4.2 : Strengthen leadership capacity of CSO Emerging Leaders

    • Establish CSO Emerging Leaders Exchange and Coaching program.