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Programme Areas

PIANGO has four programme areas, focusing on Strengthening CSO Platform in the Pacific, Development Effectiveness, Evidence-based Policy Advocacy and Pacific development Leadership

Goal 1: Strengthening CSO Platform in the Pacific

Effective and visionary leadership and innovation supported by accountable management and good governance and impactive programs are cornerstones of PIANGO emergence as a key and influential regional development actor.

Key Objective:

Institutional strengthening PIANGO Secretariat, Governance & Management

Goal 2: Development Effectiveness

PIANGO along with other global CSOs has actively engaged in the global development cooperation discourse and the international aid effectiveness agreements leading up to the Busan 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness. As a global CSO leader in the Busan Partnership, PIAGO will champion the advocacy to focus on development effectiveness in the Pacific Islands region in relation to aid effectiveness and development cooperation.


Strengthening CSO Accountability processes

Goal 3: Action Research and Policy Advocacy

PIANGO advocates a rethinking of the Development Paradigm in the Pacific Islands through taking the application of action research methodology suited to Pacific Island communities, to critically examine, addressed issues and take ownership of their own learning.


  • Building the body of evidence around issues to influence policy
  • Enhanced the translation of policy into local and regional context
  • CSO’s capacity on policy engagement and advocacy enhanced

Goal 4: Pacific Developmental Leadership

PIANGO recognizes that leadership is crucial to development effectiveness. Throughout the region there have been many initiatives designed to address this.

PIANGO has in the past, taken a lead role in building capacity in CSO together with UNDP and UNITECH founded a successful Graduate Diploma in NGO Management program.

There is a clear role for PIANGO in this work, it is seen as valuable by our members and we have the organizational capacity to govern nd direct the work.

PIANGO will also seek to conduct a review capacity building work across the region, what has and has not worked, the challenges and opportunities posed by the current context and some options for going forward.

In relation to this, PIANGO will work with PIFS at the regional level and Pacific national governments on social accountability in advocacy of good governance while at the same tie develop leadership training and development to target next generation CSO leadership.


  • Enhanced the ‘Talanoa’ Concept on Developmental leadership in the Pacific
  • Strengthened leadership capacity of CSO Emerging Leaders

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